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Qalqilia Zoo

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The establishment of the first park and zoo in Qalqilya was in 1986,which is created and funded by Municipality of Qalqilya, and the total area of the project was does not exceed ten acres, and it was contain a very small number of animals ... And over the years the zoo has expanded to 36 acres, and has become a park containing entertainment games for children ,and the number of animals increasing, and also it have parking.

You are welcome in the Qalqilya Zoo, we hope that you enjoy your time here and we will do everything we can to make your trip successful and interesting, we wish you to spend good times and memorable.

Qalqilya Municipality focused on the development of park facilities to expand the volume of services provided for visitors to enjoy their trip, in addition to the scientific benefits for students of schools and education that have evolved in the museum, which was designed for this purpose.

Qalqilia - near the northern entrance.

Tel. : 09-2940644

Fax.: 09-2940439

Or you can visit our Website :


Pictures for some of the Animals in Qalqilia Zoo.

Members Names :
1- Bader Nabeel Shaker Barham ( 11001725).

2- Khalid Ameen Ibraheem Taha (11002153).

3- Ahmad Abd An-Naser Mohammad Shnewer (11041835).

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